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Muuseumiöö 1€

At 20th May the museum is open also on evening and ticket is 1€

Open as part of the Museum Night from 17 to 22
The cafe is open with hot meals from 12 to 20
Come and explore with your family!

Who moves in the night?
How far and why?
Some movements in nature seem rushed, some movements we don’t even notice. It is impossible to see with the naked eye how quickly the melting ice line in the Arctic moves, or even more so – the continents over the course of millions of years. Some animals are fast sprinters, others are good long-distance runners.
Who? Come see!

On the Muuseumiöö on May 20, the Ice Age Center is open until 22.00.
From 17, a ferry to Saadjärvi departs from the port every half hour.
Cafe Jääkaru is open until 20.

The Ice Age Center is an exciting experience center that is suitable for both younger and older visitors.
Here you will understand that the future started yesterday!
In a few hours, 13.8 billion years of history since the Big Bang will unfold before you. We talk about ice, human history, the development of nature during the ice ages, climate and human development, and our ecological footprint in the world.
Is a mammoth a hairy elephant?
When did human settlement appear in Estonia?
How does the coastline change over time?
Is the climate warming or cooling? On the 2,000 m2 exhibition space, it is told how galaxies, the solar system were formed, how life began on Earth, and billions of years later man was born.
In the Ice Age Center you can travel to the last ice age and find out how the nature of the world and Estonia has been shaped in the 10,000 years since then, what are the causes of climate change today and how big is the role of people in them. and according to the memories of Kalevipoja. The Ice Center has space to organize conferences, birthdays and other special events. The dishes of our Ice Bear Cafe are also widely known.

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