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Äksi [pre]opinion festival

äksi eelarvamusfestival

On July 22, the Äksi [pre]opinion  festival will be held at the Ice Age Center in Tartu County, the theme of which is food and the environment.

The [pre]opinion festival has 10-12 discussions, all about sustainable and green food.

This event is held in open air next to Ice Age Centre on Saturday, 22. July at 11-17. 


The Opinion Festival is a meeting place for all layers of society, giving a platform for different worldviews. Its mission is to improve debate culture and civic education. The Festival is free of charge and open to everyone in Estonia and beyond who would like to discuss and tackle issues that matter for all of us.


The Ice Age Center’s 11th birthday is also celebrated on this day.”The Ice Age Center is an environmental education center and we considered it natural that we would also celebrate our birthday with environmental themes,” said Kadri Valner, head of the center.

“The topics of our conversations are growing, eating, storing and packaging food in the most gentle and rustic way possible.”

The initiative team of the [pre]opinion festival also includes the Äksi community of the 2022 village of Tartumaa, the municipality of Tartu, the Union of Tartu Municipalities and several other producers and assessors of good food.

This event is held in Estonian. 


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