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An exhibition about Saadjärv will open soon

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Let’s get acquainted! Saadjärv

Lake Saadjärv begins 35 metres from here. Lake Saadjärv was formed more than 10,000 years ago, after the last ice age. Lake Saadjärv is located in the Vooremaa Landscape Protection Area, along with seven other lakes. Together, they account for around 15% of the total territory of the protected area.

An exhibition about the life of Saadjärvi will open on the second floor of the Ice Age Center in April.

Saadjärv starts 30 meters from the Ice Age Center. In fact, it consists of two lakes – Lake Suurjärvi and Lake Voldi or Lake Tabivere.

Saadjärv is the pearl of Vooremaa, which was formed after the last ice age more than 10,000 years ago. During the movement of the continental glaciers, basins were left between the folds, where the melting water of the glaciers accumulated. Lakes were formed from them.

Many of them have swamped and disappeared over time, Saadjärv remained.

Saadjärv is one of the most storied lakes in Estonian folklore. Supernatural forces and giants have been active in the lake, Kalevipoeg has thrown several sling stones here. The lake itself is said to have migrated a lot and buried a church, a manor and great treasures under it.

This church, which still stands on the lake shore, was painted by the artist Konrad Mägi. Even more, two notable church ministers worked here – O.W. Masing and A.W Hupel. The church’s piano accompanist was known throughout Estonia as the Äksi witch.

It can be said that the letter “õ” was born by this lake, here is the prelude to the birth of the Estonian-language press, here the reading of falling stones from the sky began, and here by the lake the first conservation speeches to preserve the cultural heritage were also born.

Curator: Kadri Valner

Texts: Kadri Valner, Jaak Alekand, Kaupo Mets, Hannes Jäär

Concept solution and implementation: PULT

Sponsors: Leader / Pria, Tartu municipality, SA Saadjärve


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