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About Ice Age Centre

Ice Age Centre is an exciting theme park meant for the whole family! We offer the joy of discovery for visitors of all ages!

We are a unique visiting centre in the Baltic States – you will see life-sized prehistoric animals and experience how the world and Estonian nature has developed through the ages.

Is mammoth just a hairy elephant? When did humans inhabit Estonia? How will the coastline change in time? Is the climate getting warmer or actually colder?

From us you will get to know how the Universe was formed and what lies ahead in the future!

Ice Age Centre exhibition offers an overview of the origins of ice ages and their effect on the Earth, Estonia and Vooremaa, introduces the development of Estonian nature and human settlement after the last ice age and the causes of and research on climate change.

We are located in the heart of Vooremaa, next to beautiful lake Saadjärv - an area known for the ice age and Estonian Kalevipoeg legends.

If you are looking for an exciting place to visit with children or family in Tartu county, then come and visit us! We also offer the possibility to host conferences, birthdays and other special events in our centre.

Ice Age Centre house guide

I floor– Ice age and ice in our era

  • Animals from the ice age – mammoth, Irish elk, cave lion
  • Ice ages on the background of world history
  • Human during ice age
  • An ice age playground for children
  • Ice experiences
  • You will also meet our most famous inhabitat - the mammoth!

II floor - Traces of ice age on the Estonian territory

  • Heritage of the glaciers in the landscapes
  • Development of nature after ice age
  • Traces of ice age in folktales
  • Vooremaa as an open-air museum of ice age

III floor - Does the future depend on us?

  • Meteorological observations and the climate
  • Will there be a new ice age?
  • Role of the human being in climate changes
  • Ecological footprint
  • on the third floor you will meet the life-sized polar bear Franz, who is the taxidermy of the polar bear living at the Tallinn Zoo.

Ice Age Centre is looking forward to your visit!

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