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New exhibition

A small exhibition “You are what you eat” opened in the exhibition hall on the 3rd floor of the Ice Age Center.

We eat every day. Sometimes we indiscriminately devour what we don’t need. And a few times
the food also just stops until we throw it away. Some people are saturated, some are hungry.
There are those among us who do not eat meat and those who eat everything as sweetly as possible
fat… or the food is simply very far away, it doesn’t matter. Some just dream of
wholesome food.

Everyone in us, at least in Europe, can do something to eat better, to eat
more useful and without waste.

The exhibition “You are what you eat” was completed by the campaign “Supply
Cha! Nge: making stores fair ”. At the same time, you can also watch Meelis Muhu
the film “Lasnamäe hoofs”, which tells about a community garden created in a residential area of Lasnamäe, Tallinn.
The exhibition will be open until the beginning of September.

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