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Ice Age Centre birthdayparty gallery

The Ice Age Center celebrated its 10th birthday with a festive banquet and a birthday party. 
Silver Sepp performed with his Sisemaailmaailmapurjekas and Jaagup Kreem and Taavi Lang with an acoustic concert. 
In front of the center, a stand marking the place where Konrad Mägi painted was opened and a large paintingperformance
"If Konrad Mägi would paint in 100 years" took place. There were many more children's activities, cake was eaten and 
lots of talk about the future and the past.

You can find the picture gallery in Tartu Postimees.
You can read about the current exhibition in the conference hall of the Ice Age Center here.
The leader of the Ice Age Center, Kadri Valner, was on Vikerradio the morning before the anniversary party and you can listen to it here.
You can listen to the KUKU radio Ilmaparandaja program recorded site here.

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