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Exhibition “Why polar bears don’t eat penguins…”

Jääkaru Franz

In the summer of 2023, the exhibition “Why polar bears don’t eat penguins…” was opened.

Franz, the most famous polar bear in Estonia, has been deposited in the Ice Age Center by the Natural History Museum, everything revolves around him.
At the exhibition, the so-called in front of the tree and red and clear, what was not learned about the Arctic and Antarctic during school.
The exhibition also looks into the future to understand if and how watery it will be….
We are glad that polar explorer Timo Palo and designers AD Expert have been partners in the creation of the exhibition.

See pictures of the opening event of the exhibition here:

Miks jääkarud pingviine ei söö... Avamine.

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AD Expert_miks jääkarud pingviine ei söö postkaart

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