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School holidays in April

jääaja loomad

Ice Age Center invites you to hold a photohunt.

Come to us and venture through the Ice Age into the future. Find ten fascinating exhibits that we have hinted at in the photohunt. Take a picture of your favorite item, tag us on social media using #jääajakeskus or #iceagecentre and you can win a raft ride on Saadjärvi for the whole family!

Come to the Ice Age Center by bus or by bicycle! From the bus station in Tartu, a bus goes directly to the Ice Age Center (stop name: Äksi Keskus). There is also a nice lighttraffic road leading from Tartu to Äksi, which offers beautiful views and interesting experiences.

Take a picture of the bus ride or bike ride and show it to the Ice Age Center administrator. This way you get a 20% discount on the center ticket.

Coming by bus can also be interesting for the whole family. When was the last time you rode a bus with your family, calmly looking out the window and telling stories to the children?

The weather is beautiful and perfect for riding a scooter or bicycle. Come breathe fresh air, get moving and share your photo on social media by tagging us using #jääajakeskus or #iceagecentre.

Spend a great day during the school holidays at Ice Age Center.

P.S. We have good wifi and you can hold a work meeting here, if necessary, while the children play in the children’s room.


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